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I AM. First. Last. Alive. Sermons on the Book of Revelation

Martin Haizmann

‘Now Revelation has really become part of my Bible’. This is how a student summarised her experience at the end of a week-long study on the Book of Revelation. She now understood that Revelation is relevant for our journey with Jesus today. We all are deeply influenced by the world around us – the Zeitgeist with its propaganda, values, and promises. Revelation provides us with a set of Christian prophetic counter-images which impresses on its readers a different vision of the world, giving us God’s perspective on our time and on our world.

The Book of Revelation is a revelation by Jesus about Jesus. It doesn’t offer us a detailed timeline of the future, but a deeper and greater picture of Jesus Christ and his victory over sin, evil and death. It is him that we meet in this last book of our Bible, and it is here that we discover how he calls us to faithful discipleship and witness.

2019, 128 Seiten

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